​Ultraviolet light systems are a proven technology used for the disinfection of operating theatres and patients’ rooms. Many studies support its use to fight the spread of viruses and bacteria in these types of environments:

  • Using ultraviolet disinfection technology to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections eliminated up to 97.7 percent of pathogens in operating rooms, according to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control.
  • UVC is helping hospitals cut transmission of superbugs that linger in patients’ rooms and cause new infections, according to a study by Duke Health researchers.

Our UV Clean products emit powerful UVC light that can efficiently disinfect any surface exposed to it and could slow coronavirus infections.


UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) when applied in powerful doses can destroy the DNA or RNA of any microorganisms exposed to it, thus preventing it from spreading and decreasing the rate of infections.

The amount of inactivation is directly proportional to the UVC dose which is the result of its intensity (decreasing with distance to the lamp) and duration of exposure.

UVC light is a powerful solution for keeping the surfaces disinfected. However, it can be harmful to humans. Direct exposure can lead to skin burns and damage to the eyes. As a safety precaution when disinfecting rooms, humans and animals should not be present in the area during the process, or they should wear adequate protective clothing.

UVC light can be easily used at home to disinfect surfaces that we normally are in contact with like mobile phones, remote controls, keys, furniture, etc. Sweep UV Clean is a safe option to maximise cleanliness and avoid risks of virus contamination. This device is ergonomic, lightweight, and easy to use. By just sweeping any surface with UVC Sweep Clean, 99.99% of bacteria and viruses will instantly be eradicated.


Especially after the coronavirus outbreak, keeping surfaces disinfected is incredibly important to reduce cross-contamination and the spread of the disease. This task can be tedious and time-consuming when using sanitizer sprays and detergents without reaching narrow spaces.

Our UVC products emit powerful UV-C light that can effectively eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses of all surfaces exposed to the light almost instantly.


Another critical point for Coronavirus spread is public transport. People touch and grab handles, seats, etc. and surfaces are exposed to be contaminated with viruses and bacteria.

UVC light has been used already in China to disinfect buses. Following guidance issued by the National Health Commission, a Shanghai public transport company uses UV light on the bus interiors and exteriors as a way of disinfection. According to the company, the process takes 5 to 7 minutes per bus and kills more than 99.9 % of viruses, as reported by AFP.


As mentioned before, UVC light UVC is a powerful solution for keeping surfaces disinfected. The amount of inactivation is directly proportional to the intensity and duration of exposure. All our products use high power UVC lamps making the disinfection process quick. Dalek UV Clean can kill 99.99% of bacteria of an average size room in 15-20 minutes.

Our products can be used in any type of environment. They are very easy to operate, easy to move around and all come with a universal wall connector with cables in different lengths. Furthermore, they all include safety features like movement detection sensors that shut down the UVC lights if a person enters the area, warning activation voice, safety push-switch, etc.


Published scientific research and studies have proven the effectiveness of using UVC light to deactivate various strains of coronavirus including the latest SAS-CoV-2 strain:

  • University of Nebraska Medical Centre experimented on Covid-19 (SARS CoV-2) decontamination of rooms and protective equipment (N95 masks). For the experiment, the material was soiled with high levels of contaminated artificial skin oil and saliva and exposed to inactivated with proper use of UVGI (Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation).
  • N95DECON it is an organisation (including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, etc.) that support the use of UVC from disinfecting N95 respirators from Covid-19.